2016 In Review: The albums

2016.   20. Bon Iver - 22, A Million - Justin Vernons musik blir underligare och underligare, och svårare och svårare att relatera till och förstå, men den blir aldrig ointressant. 19. And Also the Trees - Born Into the Waves - AATT:s 2000-tals-renässans, som inleddes 2003 med Further From the Truth (och peakade med … Fortsätt läsa 2016 In Review: The albums

2016 in Review: The 20 Best Songs

20. True Moon - Voodoo - Svensk postpunk lever och frodas. 19. The Radio Dept. - Swedish Guns - Radioavdelningen visar att det tydligen går att blanda atmosfärisk pop med politisk text. 18. Christian Kjellvander - The Dark Ain't That Dark - Jason Molina nickar uppmuntrande från sin himmel. 17. Iggy Pop - Chocolate Drops … Fortsätt läsa 2016 in Review: The 20 Best Songs

Reviews: Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (the autobiography)

One of the best books I've ever read came out earlier this autumn. It's called Born to Run, and it's the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen. I've been a Bruce fan since 2002, aged 17. A love affair that's gotten stronger and stronger through the years. I love Bruce for his empathy, his burning heart, his … Fortsätt läsa Reviews: Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (the autobiography)

New Discoveries: True Moon

As an avid and longterm post-punk fan it's always a great pleasure to stumble upon a new discovery within that genre. And today it has happened again. True Moon is fronted by Karolina Engdahl, whom we know from the Malmö based punk/alternative band Vånna Inget, and they have just released their first single. It's called … Fortsätt läsa New Discoveries: True Moon

Review: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

What do you do when something vital is mercilessly torn from you? How are you supposed to act when the universe rips your heart out of your chest and replaces it with...nothing in particular? How do you deal with complete and utter loss? You can shut down. Retreat back inside. Paint the windows black. Destroy … Fortsätt läsa Review: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

My latest purchase: Rome – The Hyperion Machine

In August Jerome Reuter, a.k.a. Rome, released his ninth full length album, and let me tell you, it is his best, so far. Taking its name from a novel by Friedrich Hölderlin, The Hyperion Machine is Reuter at his darkly romantic and windswept best. Unlike his past albums The Hyperion Machine is not based on/tied to a specific theme. … Fortsätt läsa My latest purchase: Rome – The Hyperion Machine