Reviews: Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (the autobiography)

img_3723One of the best books I’ve ever read came out earlier this autumn. It’s called Born to Run, and it’s the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen.

I’ve been a Bruce fan since 2002, aged 17. A love affair that’s gotten stronger and stronger through the years. I love Bruce for his empathy, his burning heart, his compassion, his ability to comfort and offer solace – his outstanding lyrics are made of this. I love him for his melodies and that voice.

So when news broke earlier this year that he was to release his autobiography, my expectations instantly grew to gigantic proportions. After having read a few pages once the book was released, it was clear that these expectations were fulfilled.

All the things I love about Bruce’s music and lyrics; the warmth, the compassion, the solace, has been transferred to a 500+ page book, without losing any of the poetry or urgency or intimacy. I was stunned throughout reading it.

He speaks freely and with his head held high about his bouts with depression and alienation, his troubled relationship with his father, personal loss, his creative work and the joys of his family life. He makes the reader feel less alone, that it’s okay to be ”grown up” and still feel lost, alone, haunted and hunted. But he’s never defeatist. He builds up strength and gives the demons one hell of a fight. And he’s still standing.

Buy the book from Adlibris or Amazon, and listen to Bruce’s music wherever and whenever you get the chance.


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