New Discoveries: True Moon


As an avid and longterm post-punk fan it’s always a great pleasure to stumble upon a new discovery within that genre. And today it has happened again.

True Moon is fronted by Karolina Engdahl, whom we know from the Malmö based punk/alternative band Vånna Inget, and they have just released their first single. It’s called Voodoo and it’s great. It’s a classic post-punk tune; chilly, shrouded in black and grey, dragged in the urban mire, with guitars that bring to mind Barney Sumner (Joy Division) and Reg Smithies (The Chameleons), yet with a strong and melodic chorus that shows off their pop sensibilities. Quite impressive. And that riff! Mein Gott (Goth?)!

In a recent interview with the formidable Hymn, Karolina reveals that the song is a fight song for all her sisters, and with a chorus that goes ”I am a demon, I am a mother, I  am  a warrior (and is preceded by the short, simple, yet terribly effective line ”I am an angry woman/I am a stronger woman”) I can see why, and I applaud it. Much needed.

I look forward to hearing more from this brilliant band and to seeing them live. Meanwhile I’ll happily keep playing Voodoo. Listen to it on iTunes or Spotify

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