Sällskapet #3 – update


There’s been some updates regarding Sällskapets forthcoming third album (slated for release sometime next year). According to an interview with Niklas Hellberg and Pelle Ossler conducted by NWT, it is implied that the band’s singer Joakim Thåström is no longer with the group. The singing on the album is instead done by German artist Andrea Schroeder. No official announcement has been made, and nowhere does it say why Thåström has left.

This is of course shocking and worrying, but I’ll keep soldiering on and I will post further updates regarding Sällskapet as soon as I hear anything. And do listen to Andrea on, say, Spotify. I have been doing that today and she is quite good. Quite good indeed.


Photo by Carl Edblom, NWT. Retrieved from 2479426.jpg


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