Manchester – 10 of the best


I’ll be writing this English, because the situation calls for it.

In honor of today’s events, here is a list celebrating one of my favourite cities on the planet – Manchester. Ten of the best Manchester songs of all time. One song per artist/band/songwriter, and the artist must be from the Greater Manchester area.

Stay strong, stay handsome, and remain your brilliant self.


10. I am KlootTo the Brink

  • Kloot’s beautiful 2010 paean to drink and the safe havens that are Northern English pubs.

9. John Cooper Clarke Beasley Street

  • Apparently about the rundown streets of Salford in the late 70’s. Dark, gritty, mancunian spoken word by the true bard of the urban North West.

8. MagazineMotorcade

  • Howard Devoto looks at the world from a twisted perspective, while death creeps up slowly all around.

7. The ChameleonsPerfume Garden

  • Gorgeous atmospheric mix between dream pop and post punk, about the fallacies of nostalgia.

6. The VerveSonnet

5. Bee GeesHow Deep Is Your Love

  • Born on the Isle of Wight, raised in Manchester, started their career in Australia, made it big after moving back to Britain, heavily associated with New York Disco. They’re not Mancs through and through, but just about. And it helps if you’ve made one of the most beautiful love songs of the 70’s.

4. Stone Roses Mersey Paradise

  • At first glance a jangly celebration of the North West. But a closer look reveals suicidal thoughts, drowning and betrayal. Cheerful music, disturbing lyrics – how Mancunian.

3. Joy DivisionAtmosphere

  • No other band embodies the post-industrial and gritty air of Manchester and the North West better than Joy Division, and this haunting, elegiac piece is perhaps the best example of it.

2. OasisLive Forever

  • Exactly the kind of message of love and freedom the world and Manchester need right now.

1. MorrisseyNow My Heart Is Full

  • The title says it all.


The picture is LS Lowry‘s The Blitz, retrieved from here.


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