News: The return of Algiers


Algiers released their debut album in 2015, and it was one of the best albums of that year. Now, they’re back. A new album is out June 23rd via Matador Records, and the first single was released a few days ago. The single (and the album) is called The Underside of Power, and it is a smash! Their unique and patented mix of chilly post-punk electronics and gospel is interspersed with a motownesque chorus, and the result is magnificent.

The lyrics speak of solidarity with those oppressed by the (corrupted) powers that be, and they’re much needed in these times of Trump, right-wing extremism and murderous police.

“Because I’ve seen the underside of power/ It’s just a game that can’t go on/ It could break down any hour/ I’ve seen their faces and I’ve known them all.”

The single is accompanied by a video. Watch it here.


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