Sällskapet #3


Seminal Swedish post-industrial/dark ambient trio Sällskapet is about to release their third album. In an interview with NWT, published on the 31st of August, one third of Sällskapet, the keyboardist/sampler/creator of ambience, soundscapes and atmospheres, Niklas Hellberg revealed that he is currently in Berlin putting the finishing touches on what is going to be their third album, and their first since April 2013’s stunning Nowy Port.

For those of you who don’t know Sällskapet consists of Niklas Hellberg, guitarist Pelle Ossler and singer Joakim Thåström.

All three members have known each other and worked together for many years. Hellberg and Thåström first got together in 1992 when they formed what was going to be Sweden’s perhaps most underrated band of all time, the sublime industrial power house Peace, Love & Pitbulls. Hellberg is also a crucial part of Thåströms backing band, and has been for more than a decade. The same goes for Ossler, who also has a terrific solo career going, with six solo albums released to this day (and a seventh on the way). And Thåström really doesn’t need an introduction, does he? Sweden’s most vital and most relevant force in music since 1978.

Buy Sällskapet, Ossler and Thåström albums from Drella or CDON, or listen to them on Spotify.

Photo taken by Anna Ledin Wirén and retrieved from www.sallskapet.net. I claim no ownership whatsoever.


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